Carol B

May 9, 2015

Dear Steve,

It is difficult to describe through words the incredible results that I had through your amazing acupuncture treatments to my eyes. I will be forever grateful to you not only for the treatment success but also for all that you taught me about living a healthy, purposeful life.

I noticed my vision starting to deteriorate  for about 9 months and progressing quickly during the last 6 months of that time. I was unable to read newspapers, magazines, unable to read labels at the grocery store, unable to read price tags, unable to read recipes. I had no “straight lines” in my world because everything was wavy which made me feel off balance. I had to stop driving. My eyes were very sensitive to bright sunlight.

In October of 2014 I was examined and x-rayed by my ophthalmologist who confirmed dry macular degeneration. He said there was nothing that could be done. I was very discouraged because at 66 I did not want to be blind. I was also told that I was very close to developing glaucoma. My vision was 20/200 in my left eye and 20/80 in my right.

Through a cousin I heard about your treatment for macular degeneration and after consulting with you I knew that was the direction my life would take. I began treatments in early January 2015. When I awoke the morning of the 5th treatment day I was amazed that my vision had improved and I was again beginning to see clearly. Horizontal lines were only slightly wavy and the grid test for macular degeneration was normal. I continued through the 10 days of treatment and my vision steadily improved. I was reading newspapers and magazines without a magnifying glass. I had my eyes retested my ophthalmologist after the treatments and my testing was normal for glaucoma and 20/40 for vision in my right eye and 20/30 in my left. Grid test for macular degeneration remained normal. I am driving again.

It is now 4 months since treatment. I just completed another exam with my ophthalmologist. He is thrilled (as am I) that my eyes have stabilized at 20/40. Grid test continues to be normal. I also have noticed that my eyes are no longer extremely sensitive to sunlight. This is incredible.

I am so very thankful to you, Steve, for the amazing healing you helped me achieve. I am also very grateful for all you have helped me learn about healthy lifestyle from eating vegetables and fruits (especially blueberries), exercise and attitude of gratitude.

If anyone every has questions that I can answer, I would be very willing to have them contact me.

Best of Health,
Carol B.