Jerre P

My name is Jerre P, and about 5 years ago I leaned I had Macular Degeneration in my right eye.  The retina was gone with no real symptoms at all.  I was left with only peripheral vision in the right eye.  It was the dry MD; and therefore, no treatment was available.  My left eye was 20/20 however.  So I depended on it greatly.

That is, until September or October of 2004.  My left eye was becoming watery and weak feeling, and it became tired easily.  It was becoming harder to do daily tasks; as my vision weakened.  I soon began seeing globs of “gre” in my vision.  I went to the eye doctor and was told a vessel had begun bleeding and that I was developing the wet MD in that eye.  A laser treatment was done to stop bleeding, but I was told there could be more.

I began Acupuncture at HanLing Acupuncture in December.  The results have been and are amazing.  I am again able to see 20/20 in my left eye.  It is stronger and healthier feeling in every way.  I am no longer afraid that I will be without my vision in the near future.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Liu and Wen Ting for their knowledge and skill and kindness.


Jesse P