Planning Your Trip

Our Treatment Center in Tucson, Arizona

We have compiled the information to assist you in setting up your appointment and planning your trip to Tucson. Although you’re visiting for health reasons, we believe that Tucson is one of the most picturesque cities in the world and there is much to see and do. It is our hope that you have the opportunity to relax and experience some of the culture, events and activities that the city has to offer.  We hope you’ll be visiting us soon!

Treatment Protocol

Keep in mind that your treatment will include two hours each day broken up into one hour sessions with one hour in between sessions. The clinic is located within walking distance of many restaurants and shops if you would like to leave for an hour and then return for your second hour of treatment. Other than that, your time is your own, but we’re happy to offer suggestions on various activities to enhance your visit. Once you book your appointments with Danette, we will send you a packet with all of the information you need to start the treatment process. 



Before You Visit

HanLing’s office manager, Danette Baldonado, will be your contact.  You should call her to verify appointment dates and times before making arrangements. She is available to help plan your trip, assist you in scheduling various activities during your stay, answer questions, provide additional information, or book your appointments. We usually work about one month in advance, so allow us ample time to put your package together and get you the time slots that you need.

Danette can be reached at 520-878-8116 or call toll-free 1-877-308-0693



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